The Lomnizer Law Firm, P.A. is available to provide outside general counsel to companies of various size and scope; including those with local, national, and international operations.

Our Boca Raton outside general counsel lawyers are successful in representing a wide range of business law. When contracted, our law firm makes itself accessible and responsive to our clients, providing the same proactive counsel as an in-house legal department, with the proper representation required to make informed decisions and receive advisement on how to best navigate the legal landscape of the client’s specific industry.

Where Can Outside General Counsel Help?

The Lomnitzer Law Firm, P.A. practices in the areas of:

The rigorous challenges facing business leaders today often require counseling from an experienced business law firm with an extensive knowledge in balancing legal considerations with business demands.

A viable solution in keeping legal counsel costs down is to hire an outside general counsel lawyer in Boca Raton who represents the company, with a full understanding of the nuances of business management and industry specifics, without the significant financial burden of an in-house legal professional.

Businesses with limited financial resources that are in need of recurring legal counsel but not full time staffed assistance can take advantage of an outside legal counsel to properly protect its interests while staying cost effective and flexible in its scheduling and workload.

Benefits to Retaining Outside General Counsel

Cost-Efficient- By hiring outside legal counsel, business owners can feel safe and protected on all legal fronts while keeping legal costs down. Many overhead costs would be eliminated such as office space, computers, infrastructure, and various other expenses associated with an in-house legal department. Furthermore, the rates associated with outside general counsel are often significantly less than the salaries of in-house counsel.

Flexibility- Flexible legal solutions are often provided by outside legal attorneys. Businesses can advise their legal professionals on specific matters, may request the drafting and filing of legal documents, and/or consultation services. It is also feasible for companies to create customizable services that can be adapted as their needs change.

Develop an Ongoing Relationship- An effective way to develop an ongoing relationship with experienced legal professionals is to retain outside general counsel. This allows business owners access to trusted legal professionals who are ready to deliver legal solutions when needed.

Access to Top Legal Professionals- Companies that hire non-traditional outside legal counsel are permitted to hand-select specialized attorneys with extensive expertise in specific areas of law, thereby providing a significant advantage over others in the industry.

Discuss Your Case with a Boca Raton Outside General Counsel attorney

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