As Boca Raton and South Florida’s premier law firm, the Lomnitzer Law Firm, P.A.  team understands our clients’ need to advertise their products and businesses while still protecting their brands. Over the years we have developed a robust false advertising and unfair competition and cyber law practice that can help them do so while using brand ambassadors and influencers. But, as advertising techniques have changed, we are always ahead of the regulatory curve in order to protect our clients as they market products and services in new ways. 

One of the areas where we lead the charge on this is in the brand ambassador and influencer marketing space. We are using traditional legal tools in new ways to protect brands that want to experiment with novel in-person and online marketing campaigns. We are also working with brand ambassadors and influencers to ensure they are protected while preserving their brand as an asset. 

Cutting Edge Marketing, Traditional Legal Tools 

Whether you are paying models to hand out samples at a conference or asking an online influencer to endorse your product, you need to be sure that your brand will be enhanced and protected by your marketing efforts. At the Lomnitzer Law Firm, we work with businesses in South Florida and nationwide to develop agreements they can use to lay out their influencer expectations and shield them from statements that violate advertising laws. 

Our experienced team of attorneys can draft and negotiate agreements that specify:

  • What actions a company expects brand ambassadors or influencers to take. This might include types and number of social media posts or in-person events; 
  • The specific advertising laws the brand ambassador needs to comply with when working for the company; 
  • What sort of documentation an influencer will provide to the company to prove an ad set actually ran. And if applicable, what engagement data or follower information the influencer will provide after the ad has run; and 
  • How the brand ambassador will be compensated. 

As the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) increases its regulation of influencer marketing, making sure agreements with brand ambassadors are spelled out in writing is critical. It protects both parties and the brand.

Protecting Brand Ambassadors and Influencers’ Most Valuable Asset

The most valuable asset an influencer owns is his or her reputation. Whether you are a brand social celebrity, Youtuber, Instagrammer, vLogger, brand ambassador or other social media content creator, our team is made up of experienced attorneys ready to assist with contract drafting and review, regulatory compliance, content protection, and content licensing. When a company asks for an endorsement, they are buying the influencer’s credibility in addition to paying for a particular service. The Lomnitzer Law team helps protect influencers’ reputations by advising them on the marketing agreements they are entering into and counseling them on compliance with state and federal advertising regulations. 

Influence marketing is a serious business. Brand ambassadors must ensure the agreements they are offered protect their interests. We can help level the playing field between an ambassador and the company they are negotiating with by reviewing offered contracts, and when necessary, crafting counter-proposals. 

Marketers can also rely on the Lomnitzer team to help them comply with marketing and internet laws. The FTC continues to refine the rules on what disclosures brand ambassadors must provide, so what was okay yesterday might get you into trouble today. Our experienced brand ambassador and influencer attorneys in Boca Raton help keep marketers on the right side of the law while still preserving their reputation and building their income streams. 

Problem Solvers for Brand Ambassadors

As advertising laws change to meet new methods of marketing, businesses and brand ambassadors can count on the Lomnitzer Law Firm to protect their interests. Our attorneys have the right mix of legal acumen, industry knowledge, and business sense to help our clients here in South Florida, and across the country, get the public’s attention without getting into trouble with regulations, or damaging their brand. 

Our problem-solving approach to the law means we work on finding a way to say yes instead of reflexively saying no when our clients have a novel plan for connecting with clients, customers, and followers. Being able to rely on us to do compliance checks and handle any legal questions that arise allows our clients to unleash their creativity. 

Receive Powerful Representation from Our Boca Raton Brand Ambassadors & Influencers Attorneys Today

The Lomnitzer Law Firm, P.A. serves a diverse array of businesses, inventors, entrepreneurs, and creators here in South Florida. When a business wants to up its marketing game by engaging with online ambassadors, we can help ensure the relationship meets the expectations of both parties. We also work with businesses and brand ambassadors to ensure compliance with changing regulations in this area. 
If you are a business owner, influencer, or brand ambassador in South Florida or nationwide, you can rely on our experienced team of attorneys to advise you, fight for you, and give you the protection you need to keep expanding your brand. Please contact us today to schedule an initial consultation if you have questions relating to a brand ambassador or social media influencer.