If you create unique, artistic expressions and share them with followers and subscribers who pay a fee for exclusive content on OnlyFans, you have joined two million other creators whose content includes art, music, writing, fitness videos, and adult entertainment. Although many creators tap into this lucrative platform, there can be some pitfalls. Some people steal and disseminate copyrighted content, but what if OnlyFans itself wrongfully removes yours?

Perhaps you did nothing wrong and were not given a reason why your content was removed, or they did not understand your Terms of Use. You can educate yourself through proper guidance provided by an intellectual property lawyer after the wrongful removal of OnlyFans content in Boca Raton.

Copyrights for OnlyFans Content

Registering creative work provides copyright protection, which means the registrant is the owner of the creation and can perform, license, profit from, and control the work, except in limited circumstances when someone else uses the work for educational or nonprofit reasons. If someone else infringes on that work through unauthorized use, the owner can stop the infringer by giving them notice they are infringing and demanding they stop. If that does not work, they may be able to sue the infringer in federal court.

When OnlyFans Removes Content

Under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) of 1998, OnlyFans, as an online service provider (OSP), has some safe harbor protection against infringement claims as a content host. Copyrighted content on OnlyFans is there at the direction of the content creators. When infringement is discovered, generally when a content creator reports it, OnlyFans is bound by law to quickly remove the infringer’s content.

Content is sometimes removed in error. Creators who issue licenses to subscribers should clearly inform the subscribers that they did not purchase the copyright, and the creator still owns it. This can prevent subscribers from complaining to OnlyFans that they are the new copyright owners. Sometimes an infringer intentionally claims copyrighted material was stolen, knowing it was not, and the copyright owner is taken down.

Creators should also consult with an attorney to ensure they have not violated any OnlyFans policy to warrant a takedown. They should also consider that when designing their site, no ancillary photos, art, or writings are incorporated into the creative expression. For example, a model’s pictures might include Photoshopping them onto beach scenes that are pictures taken by someone else, which amounts to inadvertent copyright infringement. To ask questions, seek explanations, and resolve a wrongful removal of OnlyFans content in Boca Raton, it is crucial to call for a consultation now.

Legal Options After Wrongful Removal

An attorney familiar with copyright infringement would encourage clients to register their photos, videos, or recordings for copyright protection. Doing this helps prevent misuse, including theft for profit and distributing it inappropriately to embarrass the creator. An IP attorney will determine why content was removed from the site and whether the takedown was in error. They then discuss this with OnlyFans management, and if anyone else is infringing by impersonating the owner then they can issue a DMCA takedown notice.

See a Boca Raton Attorney After the Wrongful Removal of OnlyFans Content

When content is removed from a monetized online platform, speed is crucial because time off the site translate into money unearned. If the takedown is in error, it needs to be resolved as soon as possible.

Our Boca Raton lawyers are familiar with OnlyFans methods and policies, and can help you push back if your content was wrongfully removed for a copyright violation. Call today so we can correct the error now.