A Boca Raton copyright lawyer can be utilized to successfully complete a registration, providing the owner of record with protection and the ability to demand enforceable action against infringement. Ask an experienced intellectual property attorney for guidance on how to successfully protect your work.

However, this basic framework is not the only way in which a Boca Raton copyright lawyer may be able to help. We work with content creators such as musicians, artists, filmmakers, and writers to obtain full protection under the law for their intellectual property. This can include determining if similar protections already exist under other creators and filing the necessary paperwork with the U.S. Copyright Office. Our experienced intellectual property attorneys can also license out your creations in specific ways that could increase your profits and exposure.

Boca Raton Copyright Attorney

The Lomnitzer Law Firm, P.A. focuses on Intellectual Property law and our attorneys are well prepared to advise, guide, and represent in all areas of copyright law ranging from registration protection to infringement defense. Whether you are a infringement victim or the accused, contact our office for immediate assistance.

Registering for copyright protection is the first step in this process. As a form of intellectual property, this process must go through the U.S. Copyright Office in Washington DC. While merely creating a work of art grants the creator ownership over that work, registering it for copyright protection does come with many advantages.

Chief among these: it informs other potential creators and users of the owner’s sole authority to use that property. This could include the ability to display an art piece, show a film, perform a piece of music, or put on a play. Obtaining copyright protection involves submitting a formal registration with the Copyright Office. A Boca Raton copyright attorney is prepared to guide clients through each step of this process.

Copyright Law Protections in Boca Raton

The laws protect works of art such as:

  • Music
  • Sound Recordings
  • Literature
  • Plays
  • Movies
  • Choreography
  • Photographs
  • Architecture
  • Sculptures
  • Websites
  • Graphic Designs
  • Computer Software

All of the above and more may be protected under copyright law. With protection, the owner is granted the right to exclude others from:

  • Reproducing or copying the work
  • Preparing derivative works based upon the work
  • Distributing copies of the work to the public for sale, rental or lease, or lending
  • Performing the work publicly live or in a digital/audio transmission
  • Displaying the work publicly

When protecting your work with a copyright, you are in a position to demand an immediate cease and desist of improper use or copy, as well as collecting monetary damages, up to triple damages, and attorney fees from anyone determined to act in a manner consistent with infringement. While copyright infringement is taken seriously and carries powerful remedies, you must have properly filed for and have been granted copyright protection in order to enforce your rights.

Copyright Registration

When applied for through The Lomnitzer Law Firm, P.A., copyright registration is a simple, quick, inexpensive insurance policy for your interests. Over the years, Lorri Lomnitzer and her staff have secured these for clients nationwide in a multitude of diverse industries. When infringed upon, our firm has an excellent record in successfully enforcing the protection provided under law.

When retained for copyright registration, The Lomnitzer Law Firm, P.A. will act as your Boca Raton copyright attorney, completing the following in a timely manner:

  • Determine the proper classification and prepare the appropriate forms for submission.
  • Prepare clear rendition of material being submitted for registration.
  • Send all documents to U.S. Copyright Office in Washington, D.C.
  • Follow up until it is registered and delivered to the owner.

Drafting Licensing Agreements to Increase Value

Obtaining copyright protection gives its owner the sole legal authority to display or profit from that material. However, this may not be the optimal way to put that IP to good use. For example, the creator of a film may want to allow other theaters to show the movie in exchange for a percentage of ticket sales.

The best way to allow this to occur is to create a licensing agreement. These agreements are contracts between the copyright holder and others who wish to profit from those rights. In short, these agreements allow others to display, exhibit, or otherwise use copywritten material in a specifically agreed-upon way. In exchange, the owner is entitled to a percentage of the profits. It is important to remember that these agreements should be limited in scope and still make it clear that this contact is for a limited use; and ultimate ownership remains with the creator.

Allowing a Boca Raton copyright lawyer to negotiate and draft these licensing agreements could help owners obtain the maximum value from their intellectual property. It also is a step towards retaining final control while giving works of art the exposure that they deserve.

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Obtaining copyright protection for your work product is essential for all musicians, authors, artists, and even athletes. This protection lets the world know that you are the true owner and gives you the sole authority over who can display or profit from this material.

A Boca Raton copyright lawyer is ready to help you to take this this important step by providing more information about the concept of copyright and why it applies to your creations. In the event of an infringement on your rights, they are prepared to order the immediate halt to these activities and even demand remedies in court when appropriate.

To learn more about how a Boca Raton copyright lawyer can help your situation, contact us today.