The entertainment industry can be a difficult place to make your mark. In the modern age, artists, actors, musicians, and even professional athletes will need to understand their rights under the law concerning their creations and likeness. This often involves seeking out legal help with contracts, intellectual property, and licensing agreements.

Obtaining legal representation from a Boca Raton entertainment lawyer is just a phone call away. Our highly skilled intellectual property attorneys will listen to your concerns about your rights, and develop a plan to provide you with the protection you need to get started or to continue building your presence in the entertainment industry.

Assisting with the Negotiation and Formation of Contracts

Many transactions that occur in the entertainment industry are centered around contracts. This can include a musician agreeing to play at a venue for a set number of shows, a theater group renting out a location for a production run, or even sports figures agreeing to sponsorship deals or NIL agreements.

It is important to have legal assistance during the negotiation and creation of these vital documents. Having an attorney on their side during negotiations can help bring more favorable terms and increase an artist’s or performer’s ability to recognize their obligations under a proposed deal. A Boca Raton entertainment law attorney could even be the one to draft these documents so that it leaves no doubt as to a client’s rights and obligations under a contract.

Providing Clients with Support Concerning Their Intellectual Property

Entertainers in all fields must recognize that they initially hold the sole authority to display their artwork, perform their music, or present a play or film. The proper way to protect this right is to file for intellectual property protection with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). For most entertainers, this will include registering their copyright with the appropriate agency. Obtaining this protection serves two purposes:

  1. It alerts other parties as to an entertainer’s sole right to use or display that work
  2. It allows the creator to pursue legal action in the event of an infringement

A Boca Raton entertainment lawyer can file a demand for damages in the event of a copyright infringement, which 17 United States Code § 501 defines as any unauthorized use of the owner’s work. Furthermore, 17 U.S.C. § 504 allows an owner of a work to seek out actual damages related to the unauthorized usage and demand that the infringer immediately cease their activities.

While truly damaging infringements of copyrights are rare, it may benefit the owners of intellectual property to license out the right to use or display it. This process helps an owner control the distribution of their copywritten material and earn a profit from performances, displays, or other events. An attorney could help someone register property for copyright protection and craft licensing agreements that give this property a more tangible value.

Gain Your Advantage with a Boca Raton Entertainment Attorney

Individuals and organizations that work in the creative arts field should be able to focus their attention on creating films, music, and other forms of entertainment without worrying about the legal implications of their work being out in the world. Nonetheless, it is important for you to recognize your legal rights and obligations when creating this work. Legal representation from a Boca Raton entertainment lawyer could be invaluable.

Our attorneys will explain all of the necessary components to secure a piece of intellectual property and draft contracts as needed. This could protect your right to perform in a specific location, provide a steady stream of income, or even allow others to display copywritten material. The Lomnitzer Law Firm also helps register new intellectual property with the USPTO to prevent others from unauthorized use. Give us a call to learn how we can help you.