If you are a visionary who has invented, written, designed, or created something unique and useful, you will want to protect what is yours. Intellectual property, when handled correctly, is owned by the inventor or artist, a right granted by the U.S. Constitution.

There is a process you must follow to protect your innovative creation from infringers, which the Lomnitzer Law Firm could assist you with. You can apply for a patent, copyright, or trademark, depending on what you are protecting. Contact a Deerfield Beach intellectual property lawyer to learn what we could do to protect your creative work, tech development, or brand logo.

What is Intellectual Property?

Intellectual property (IP) generally refers to patents, trademarks, and copyrights that protect creative ideas, artistic expressions, and inventions. Patents and trademarks are granted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), while copyrights are the province of the United States Copyright Office (USCO).


Patents protect owners’ rights to control their inventions and creative work, prohibiting others from making, using, or selling the patented item unless the owner authorizes it. Utility patents, sometimes referred to as the patent for invention, are the ones most people mean when they use the term. Utility patents protect new or improved, useful inventions, whether they are products, processes, such as computer programs or industrial techniques, or machines.

Design patents protect the unique appearance of an item and plant patents deal with plants that reproduce asexually.


Copyrights are the domain of artists, musicians, writers, and photographers. Creative people use copyrights to protect their work from being plagiarized. Owners license their work for a fee, which allows, for instance, a song to be used in a television commercial, or a film to be screened.


Businesses use trademarks to brand their services and products. Consumers will remember a catchy phrase and often purchase products that display a trendy logo. Business names can also be trademarked, which alerts consumers that if they visit a Starbucks in one location, then the experience in another should be roughly the same.

An intellectual property attorney in Deerfield Beach could also register trade secrets, secret formulas such as a unique recipe, or a particular method used for producing goods.

Services Provided by an IP Attorney

Applying for patents requires detail-oriented drawings and information about an invention. If the patent office does not believe the invention is unique enough, protection will not be granted. A Deerfield Beach IP attorney must be skilled at communicating an inventor’s vision and translating it to the application documents the examiner will use to determine if an invention is patent-worthy. Besides creating and assembling intellectual property packages, legal counsel could also:

  • Ferret out any problems with patent, trademark, or copyright applications to correct them before the documents are submitted
  • Work with examiners in the registration offices so the process moves smoothly and quickly
  • Negotiate and draft licensing agreements for a creation
  • Represent clients in court when their work has been plagiarized
  • Order a potential infringer to cease and desist, negotiate a license agreement if possible, and build a lawsuit, including figuring how much damage the infringement has caused
  • Protects famous clients whose likenesses are used without permission for company publicity
  • Broker the sale of ownership rights when an IP holder wishes to sell

Intellectual property law is a highly specific field that requires an intimate understanding of originality, ownership, and mutually-beneficial agreements. It is important to work with a legal professional so that they could identify all potential weaknesses in registration or litigation.

Learn How a Deerfield Beach Intellectual Property Attorney Protects Your Work

If you have written a song or screenplay, developed a commercial logo, or invented a product you believe the world needs, let us help protect your rights to use, sell, or license it. The team at Lomnitzer Law is skilled at securing intellectual property rights, licensing your work, and protecting it from unauthorized use.

It is never too early to discuss your creative work or invention. A Deerfield Beach intellectual property lawyer is available to discuss your project so schedule a consultation with us at your earliest convenience.