Whether you have invented a new product, written a novel, or designed a logo for your proprietary products, you will want to protect and defend what is yours from copycats or infringers.

If you are searching for an experienced law firm to help you register your work with the government agencies that oversee the process, you also want to hire one who will aggressively stop any infringement that occurs. Pirated products will cost you money and your reputation if someone is marketing a substandard version under your logo. A Palm Beach Gardens intellectual property lawyer could advise you during innovation, registration, and even litigation if it ever comes to that.

Intellectual Property Registration

Detailed applications for novel inventions and unique marks or slogans that are used to brand products must be submitted to The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Copyrights that protect artistic work are submitted for registration to The U.S. Copyright Office. It is important to have all necessary materials available from the beginning so that the registration process occurs in a timely manner. A lawyer who is experienced in intellectual property law could confirm that the source of the work has covered all their legal bases before filing for registration.


To receive approval for a patent, the inventor must create something useful to people or modify a product to make it more efficient. An inventor could be granted a utility patent for an item with a specific use or perhaps a design patent for a one-of-a-kind appearance.

The patent application must include a detailed description of the invention and includes drawings. An IP attorney in Palm Beach Gardens could capture the unique aspects of an invention by working closely with the inventor and understanding the goals and motivation for this particular creation. With the knowledge from a client, an attorney can register the invention, craft a strategy for using, selling, or licensing the patent, and defend a source’s rights if someone attempts to pirate the invention.


Copyrights protect original artistic expressions that a person makes in a tangible medium. Examples of this includes:

  • Books
  • Poems
  • Screenplays and stage plays
  • Paintings, illustrations, and drawings
  • Sculptures
  • Films
  • Music and song lyrics
  • Photographs and videos

Any imaginative expression that springs from the creative minds of artists should be copyrighted if they intend to put it out for public appreciation. Registering a creative work ensures that if someone infringes on it, there is a path to ending the infringement and possibly recovering damages. An artist cannot sue an infringer if the work is not copyrighted.

A Palm Beach Gardens intellectual property attorney should be familiar with copyright infringement in the publishing and entertainment industries. In addition to defending works against unauthorized use, other services include negotiating and drafting copyright protection terms, contracts, licenses, and advocating for clients in breach of contract situations.


Trademarks are used to brand products and they can be logos, slogans, or even the company name. When services are branded, a business must seek out a service mark, which is the equivalent of a trademark. Trademarks are crucial for a business because infringers tend to copy trademarked goods to fool the public with substandard products all in the name of making a profit. This could potentially hurt a business’ reputation and cause them to miss out on potential customers.

Find Out How a Palm Beach Gardens Intellectual Property Attorney Protects You

Whether you have invented something to sell or to make your business run more efficiently, or you have designed a logo for branding it, Lomnitzer Law is ready to protect your unique work and protect it from unauthorized use or sale. The same is true for any creative artistic expression that you produced.

You may need representation for contracts, licensing, and other areas of the law that concern a copyright, trademark, or patent. To learn what we can do for you, contact a Palm Beach Gardens intellectual property lawyer for a consultation.