Earning a living in the entertainment world is never easy. These are highly competitive industries, and finding an audience for your work requires a lot of effort. Even if you manage to find a location willing to show a film, display artwork, or put on your show, there are important legal questions to consider. Among these questions are who owns the work and how you can license its use without surrendering full control.

A West Palm entertainment lawyer may be able to help you protect your legal rights while working in the industry. We can explain the processes behind intellectual property registration and contract negotiations. Our experienced attorneys can also work with athletes at the college and professional levels to protect their brands and maximize profits from endorsement deals and NILs.

Common Intellectual Property Concerns

Working in the entertainment industry means that artists and businesses need to take every possible step to protect their legal rights, including preserving their work as intellectual property. Producing a work of art, writing a play, composing a song, or filming a movie all require that creators take active steps to demonstrate their ownership of this material.

The United States Copyright Office is the federal agency that allows creators to register their material for copyright protection. This registration informs all other parties that the artist has created the work in question, and that they retain the sole legal authority to display it in public or profit from its exhibition.

Holding copyright protections also allows a content creator to license it out to other parties, which is essential when looking for a place to display a film, put on a play, or hang an artwork. An entertainment law attorney in West Palm is prepared to guide an entertainer through registering their work for copyright protection.

Creating Contracts that Help Entertainers Retain Control

Another way in which an entertainment lawyer could provide assistance to content creators is in the negotiation and drafting of contracts that license out the right to use a creator’s material. Holding copyright ownership grants the owner the sole ability to display a work of art but it also allows them to license this right to others on a limited basis.

It is vitally important to have a comprehensive and legally binding contract in place for these display purposes; and it is crucial that these contracts contain specific language as to how another party may display or perform the work. To this end, a West Palm entertainment lawyer could negotiate terms that are fair for a content creator, including all instances of licensing.

If a breach of these contracts does occur, a lawyer could negotiate a settlement that protects the intellectual property rights of entertainers while demanding appropriate compensation from the party that violated their ownership rights. Many entities involved in entertainment contracts have a team of attorneys ready in case of a conflict – a content creator should have someone on their side to promote their rights and fight for damages in the event of a contract breach.

Contact a West Palm Entertainment Attorney for More Information

The makers of creative content can register that work with the United States Copyright Office. This informs all other parties as to your ownership of the work and grants you the unquestioned ability to license out the right to display that work to others. This also applies to athletes who can profit from their name and likeness

It will be an enormous benefit to you to work with a West Palm entertainment lawyer. The team of attorneys at Lomnitzer Law could help register the work, as well as draft and negotiate contracts that allow you to profit from its display. Whether you have created a work of physical art, written a play or film, or recorded a new album, you deserve protection. Reach out to us today to take the first steps.