You may ask yourself why you need an entertainment lawyer when you have an agent. The answer lies in whose interests are being protected. Your agent works for you in a valuable role, but cannot draft contracts, instead leaving that to people who may not have your best interests in mind. No matter what position agents put you in, they want to get paid. Your attorney looks out for your best interests.

You also may want to license a song to a recording artist, explore a sponsorship deal if you are a college athlete, or sell a screenplay to a Hollywood studio. You may have received a publishing contract from your agent, but what does it actually say?

Our attorneys could advocate for you in all situations. A Delray Beach entertainment lawyer facilitates your success by handling the legal aspects for you.

Entertainment Contracts

The entertainment business thrives because of contracts, which are agreements between parties for an exchange of something valuable, like talent for money. Creative, talented people need contracts to appear in films or theater productions, hire an agent, sell a manuscript, or play for a professional team. When contracts are vague, problems arise. Contracts identify the parties, the time frame the agreement spans, the duties and benefits the parties agree to, and what happens if one party shirks their duties, known as breach of contract.

The Versatility of an Entertainment Attorney

Only attorneys can draft all-encompassing contracts that protect their clients from predatory behavior, often when the balance of power is uneven, the client is new to the business, and the contract is with a huge producer. There are many other benefits of working with an entertainment attorney, such as:

  • Protecting creative works through copyright registration for creators and negotiating with companies wishing to access a creators’ works, including overseeing licensing and copyright sales
  • Drafting and reviewing a wide range of contracts for theatrical releases, the music industry, publishing, and sports projects
  • Negotiating distribution rights
  • Understanding child labor laws and laws surrounding using animals in films to ensure everyone’s safety
  • Navigating the college sports world now that athletes can profit from their names, images, and likenesses
  • Addressing other business matters as needed
  • Litigating when copyrights are infringed upon or contracts breached

The list can be lengthened to include any unique service a client might need from a Delray Beach entertainment attorney.

Copyright Registration in the Entertainment Industry

Copyright is a form of intellectual property that protects unique artistic creations. Artistic people can copyright their songs, paintings, stories, and other original ideas to protect them from infringement, according to 17 U.S. Code § 412. Registration allows creators to sue those who attempt to pirate their work.

A more recent addition to copyright law affects artists who find their content online without authorization, such as a film, TV series, or a popular song. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) of 1998 may assign liability to online service providers (OSPs) hosting the content, although it also offers some safe havens to absolve them if the hosting is passive. A Delray Beach entertainment attorney will listen closely to clients’ concerns, problems, and suspected issues to map a strategy for success.

See How a Delray Beach Entertainment Attorney Strengthens Your Career

You may have received your first offer for publication or to appear in a theatrical production, or you may be a free agent pitcher when you learn the Miami Marlins are showing interest in you. You need a seasoned negotiator for all the business, contract, and copyright issues that are suddenly falling in your lap

In your career, the contracts you sign must be fair, and your songs or other creative work should be copyrighted. The entertainment business is glamorous and exciting but can be lethal if you do not know the legal ropes. Our Delray Beach entertainment lawyers have the knowledge and experience to strengthen your career. Call now and the Lomnitzer Law Firm will show you how.