If you are a model, influencer, or musician, you may have discovered that OnlyFans can be a lucrative venue for your talents. You may also have discovered that your videos, images, music, or other artistic performances have been stolen and plastered all over the internet, or are being used by a thief who has monetized your creative expression.

Only you should be able to monetize your OnlyFans content and share as you determine. If you did not agree to having your copyright and trademark content posted by others, your protections have been violated, which could cause irreparable harm. You have the right to control your content, and an OnlyFans content lawyer in Boca Raton like Lorri Lomnitzer could help you do it.

How To Tell if Someone Pirates Your OnlyFans Content

When content creators are suspicious that someone has pirated their copyrighted material, a person must take steps to verify whether that has happened. A reverse image search can identify other websites hosting stolen content. Creators can also navigate popular adult sites to see if their content has been posted, such as PornHub, Tumblr, Reddit, RedTube, and more. An image recognition service, such as PIM EYES, also identifies stolen images online.

It is against OnlyFans’ terms of service to download content from its site and violate IP laws, and the company has disabled pirates from doing so, although some people circumvent this restriction by using screenshots and recordings to retrieve content.

Protecting Online Content

Content creators can protect unique work by registering it with the U.S. Copyright and Trademark Office. They can also embed a special watermark into their content, which can be registered as a trademark and submitted as a specimen to show the mark is being used in commerce. An OnlyFans attorney in Boca Raton could help protect someone’s content from pirates.

What an OnlyFans Attorney Can Do

Once content creators become suspicious or learn videos and photos have been stolen, an intellectual property attorney could take several actions on their behalf. They may be able to:

  • Dispatch a Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 (DMCA) takedown notice, which is a legal notice to online platforms unlawfully hosting copyright-protected content, and demanding they remove it
  • Send a cease-and-desist letter to the infringer who is disseminating a creator’s content unlawfully, which is notice that legal action will be taken if it is ignored
  • Initiate a criminal or civil action against the infringer
  • Engage OnlyFans to comply with its reporting and removal procedures

A criminal action for stealing content in Florida is commonly based on revenge porn, and although the action is brought by the state, an attorney could supply evidence to support it. In a civil action, an attorney could build a case that supports a content creator as the owner of the images or videos, and the defendant as the thief.

Copyright and Trademark Infringement

OnlyFans content is protected under copyright laws and if a creator has adopted a trademark that identifies unique content, that is protected also. Copyright infringement is proven by showing the creator owns the copyright and the defendant infringed upon it. An experienced OnlyFans attorney in Boca Raton may seek injunctive relief from a court of equity to halt irreparable harm, and seek damages for civil actions like intentional infliction of emotional distress. If an attorney wins a damages award, attorneys fees and injunctive relief are usually included in the award.

Talk to an OnlyFans Content Attorney to Protect Your Online Presence in Boca Raton

You have found your niche as a content creator on OnlyFans. Although the platform has protocols in place to dissuade others from pirating content, it can still happen, and it may take a trained entertainment lawyer like Lorri Lomnitzer to resolve the pilfering. We can suggest actions to take to protect your intellectual property, but when it is too late and it has been compromised, we may also take action on your behalf.

The internet has afforded millions of people with a contemporary avenue to make a living and if someone is interfering with your income stream because they pilfer your images and videos, you need an OnlyFans content lawyer in Boca Raton to help you. Call us right now for a free consultation.