If you have a unique idea or invention, chances are you will want to take the necessary legal steps to protect that work. Otherwise, your intellectual property could be vulnerable to theft, or you could find out down the line, after putting in countless hours of work, that someone else already has the rights to your creation.

A Miami intellectual property lawyer who works in copyrights, patents, and trademarks could provide the zealous representation you require. Whether you need help defending a business logo or registering a new idea, design, or invention, an attorney from Lomnitzer Law could help you secure essential legal protection from the beginning.

Common Types of Intellectual Property

Intellectual property laws are designed to protect inventions, ideas, concepts, and various created works. Whether as a creator or a business owner, an individual’s intellectual property can make or break the future of their enterprise.

Examples of works which are safeguarded by various facets of intellectual property law include logos, brand names, computer code, and designs. Creative works like books, music, poems, artwork, and software are also assets that give rise to intellectual property rights.

Without taking the necessary steps to register and protect that intellectual property, the individual’s property, business, employees, and financial future could be at stake. Several key types of intellectual property include trademarks, copyright, and patents.

A trademark is a distinguishing mark (which can be a logo or a slogan, among others) that separates a company’s good or services from its competitors.

Under copyright law, creators can register their work and retain the exclusive rights to distribute, copy, duplicate, or perform their original content, as well as to license it out to others.

Patents enable inventors to stop others from using, creating, or selling their ideas. Through a patent, a person or company can secure exclusive rights to a design, process, or a tangible invention. A Miami attorney could assist with the unique legal processes required to protect a person or company’s intellectual property.

When to Hire a Miami Intellectual Property Lawyer

A Miami lawyer can handle a range of issues that can arise in the context of intellectual property law, such as obtaining patents, registering a copyright, or securing a trademark.

Legal representation can prove extremely beneficial when it comes to issues such as defending alleged instances of infringement or seeking a legal remedy from infringers. Beyond asserting intellectual property rights through copyright registration, trademark registration, and patent protection, a lawyer could assist with drafting sales and licensing contracts, as well as nondisclosure agreements.

A Miami IP attorney could also ensure that maintenance fees and all necessary applications are submitted promptly. Whether ensuring that intellectual property rights are safe from infringement from the very beginning, acting to resolve instances of infringement, or any other legal issues, an attorney takes all necessary legal action on a company’s behalf.

This enables a business owner or artist to focus on their business or career without having to handle all the legal entanglements that come with protecting their IP.

Speak With a Miami Intellectual Property Attorney About Your Legal Needs

Trying to manage IP registration processes on your own can be a complex, confusing ordeal. Intellectual property laws are regularly evolving, and a mistake or missing piece of information could lead to outcomes like a rejection of your application, or even frivolous infringement claims.

A Miami intellectual property lawyer can perform proper due diligence, like infringement analysis, and handle a range of disputes that may lead to litigation. In many cases, that involves a situation where you believe someone has stolen your idea without authorization. The Lomnitzer Law Firm could provide advice about your intellectual property rights and lend unique knowledge to pursue the best possible outcome.

Reach out to our office today to schedule your confidential case consultation with a dedicated intellectual property professional.