The film, television, and motion picture entertainment business is often characterized by bright lights, lavish lifestyles and some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. While this aspect of the industry is certainly real and attainable, you won’t reach your full potential unless you’re able to protect your rights with a Boca Raton film lawyer.

If you are involved in the entertainment industry in any way, it is important to have an accomplished, trustworthy entertainment attorney in your corner. Our firm includes the experienced and driven film, television, and music attorneys who will work hard and make timely decisions that will help you reach your dreams from the inception of an idea to collecting royalties. We are able to assist clients in anything from signing a small deal with a producer to a major motion picture industry negotiations distribution.

Lomnitzer Law offers a wide-range of film and entertainment law services including but not limited to creation of the business organization through which a project is made, drafting all deal memos and other contracts necessary to properly memorialize the legal details of a project, as well as assisting in the deliverables for film distribution.

Protecting Your Rights as a Filmmaker

The simple process of putting words on paper or into a computer makes that material your property under tenants of copyright law. But how will you inform other creators or film studios about this right? It is easy to simply state that “I wrote this script.” It is another thing entirely to obtain intellectual property rights concerning this property.

The most direct way to assert one’s ownership of a script is to apply for formal copyright protection. The United States Copyright Office allows authors and screenwriters to submit copies of their original creations for registration. As long as the written material is sufficiently unique, the Lomnitzer Law Firm can assist in obtaining copyright protection for your work.

This protection gives the creator the sole right to distribute, reproduce, and sell that intellectual property. In addition, it gives them the legal authority to initiate lawsuits that allege infringement of those property rights and an ability to obtain statutory damages and an award of attorney’s’ fees. A Boca Raton film intellectual rights attorney could assist filmmakers and screenwriters in evaluating their current legal rights concerning their authorship and register formal protections.

Negotiating and Drafting Sale or Licensing Agreements

The registration of a film as one’s own property gives that person the sole right to display or otherwise distribute this work of art. However, this can leave little opportunity for profit or exposure. For many filmmakers, their goal is to get their work in front of as many eyes as possible. Crafting the contracts that make this possible is another way in which a Boca Raton film attorney is prepared to help.

Formulating Sale Agreements with Film Studios

For many script writers, their goal is to sell their product to an established film studio. This eliminates the stress involved in actually putting an idea on the screen and can still result in a substantial profit. It is vital to have legal representation during all negotiations concerning these sales agreements. An attorney could negotiate a better price, put forward a film writer’s demands concerning a preferred actor for a role, or push for creative control over how the film will appear in its final form.

Licensing Out the Work

Those who make final versions of films will be looking to display those films in locations throughout South Florida, the country, or the world. The only way to accomplish this and still retain control over the film is to create a precise and narrowly targeted licensing agreement.

A licensing agreement is the way that owners of intellectual property can authorize others to display their works. As applied to films, this may give a specific theater the sole permission to show a film or allow a chain of theaters to show it in their many locations. Having a Boca Raton film lawyer present to negotiate and draft these agreements helps the film owner retain control over the process and allows them to fight for the terms in these contracts that matter to them.

Contact Our Expert Boca Raton Film Attorneys for Guidance

At Lomnitzer Law we handle talent and distribution agreements for screenwriters, actors, composers, production designers and film directors. Our years of practice have also made us adept at production and post-production agreements and all copyright and trademark related issues. We can assist you in all aspects of the entertainment business.

With its abundance of sunshine and unique personalities, Boca Raton and nearby counties serve as prime locations for the film industry. If you are looking to shop an idea, work on an upcoming project in South Florida or inquire about the distribution of a documentary or movie, we are the reliable entertainment lawyers that will fulfill your needs. When it comes to option agreements, finance agreements and sync licensing, we will represent you accurately and defend your rights. Our experience has taught us that getting the best results takes tenacity, dedication, and knowledge. If you want a Boca Raton film lawyer that will approach your case with confidence and knowledge, you should choose Lomnitzer Law. We will advise and advocate for you with your vision in mind. Our goal is to protect your rights and help provide you with an avenue where your ideas and creations can flourish.

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