Copyright law is designed to safeguard the rights of individuals who create new, unique creative works on a tangible medium. Federal copyright laws are wide ranging and designed to safeguard the creations of all types of art and forms of expression.

When you want to protect yourself from potential instances of copyright infringement, a Miami copyright lawyer could help with properly registering your work and pursuing damages if someone else tries to steal or profit from it. Likewise, if you are facing allegations of supposed copyright infringement, you need a trusted IP attorney who can negotiate on your behalf and steadfastly handle the litigation process.

Understanding the Basics of Copyright Law

Copyright is a key tenet of intellectual property law. A copyright safeguards original works created by an artist, which could include a range of tangible works, including software, literature, music, art, and films.

While creators are not technically compelled to register their work, it is highly advisable to do so. Copyright protections exist for the lifetime of the creator, with another 70 years after that. The absence of copyright registration can deprive the creator of notable legal advantages.

For example, once a work is registered, this means that the original author can pursue statutory damages, attorneys’ fees, and other forms of compensation for instances of copyright infringement. A Miami attorney could help register the copyright and take prompt legal action against infringing parties.

Copyright holders retain various rights associated with their original work. These include the right to distribute their work and the medium through which it is distributed, the right to reproduce their work, and the right to adapt that work in the future.

Understanding Copyright Infringement in Miami

Copyright infringement refers to a wide range of illegal acts, all of which occur when a person uses another party’s copyrighted work without their permission. Infringing acts can leave the offending party open to criminal and civil liability.

A person can be liable for copyright infringement even if the underlying act occurred by mistake. Copying or distributing another person’s work, publicly performing their work, or illegally downloading media files are all examples of copyright infringement.

Selling merchandise that features copyrighted content, reproducing another person’s copyrighted work, or even creating a derivative work can be instances of copyright infringement. A Miami attorney can help individuals with all manner of copyright registration, infringement, and litigation, if it comes to that.

There are several notable exceptions to copyright infringement. One of these exceptions is the fair use doctrine, which allows individuals to use copyrighted material in very specific circumstances, such as to critique or report on it. If copyright protection has expired and the work is in the public domain, it can be used without fear of infringement. Works that fall under direct licenses or creative commons licenses are other important exceptions.

Get Help From a Miami Copyright Attorney

One of our Miami copyright lawyers could help artistic creators understand the registration process and assist with all the proceedings involved, whether in the boardroom or the courtroom. Registering a work with the U.S. Copyright office or handling an infringement claim are just two key legal procedures that can arise in when you are trying to protect your unique ideas.

You should have an attorney on your side who could address the full range of copyright-related services you require. Contact our office today to speak with a legal professional during a free consultation. We are committed to safeguarding your livelihood.