If you are a writer, performer, athlete, or own a film production studio or sports team, at some point you will need an attorney to guide you and your business. The entertainment industry requires professionals who understand a variety of concepts that revolve around creative projects.

You may want to copyright a song you wrote in order to protect ownership or review a studio contract to understand the terms included. For assistance in making your creative career successful, contact a Palm Beach Gardens entertainment lawyer.

What Does an Entertainment Attorney Do?

Careers can falter when contracts are full of holes or tilted in favor of another party, or a when work is not adequately protected from infringement. Only a lawyer can litigate if a studio, record label, or other entity breaches a contract or another artist plagiarizes the work. It is important to draft a comprehensive contract that protects a client’s interests. Among the jobs that a Palm Beach Gardens entertainment lawyer could do are:

  • Drafting collaborative, project development, publishing, and production contracts for film, theater, music, and sports projects and personalities
  • Protecting creative work through intellectual property filings for individuals and companies, including overseeing licensing and transfers
  • Negotiating distribution deals
  • Arranging appearance and location releases
  • Reviewing contracts presented to clients to ensure the terms are suitable and memorialize negotiated terms
  • Preparing documents required for sponsorships and grants
  • Advising clients on business matters as needed
  • Litigating when clients’ work is plagiarized or a client is accused of infringement or breach of contract

A person or business that is considering an important proposal should contact a lawyer for an in-depth analysis.

Registering for Intellectual Property

Copyrights protect artistic creations, while trademarks protect words, names, symbols, and images that are used in commercial business. An entertainment lawyer routinely assists individuals and businesses with registering their intellectual property, which acts as a safeguard against infringement. Registering for a trademark can also be more complicated than it seems, which is where a lawyer’s experience can help expedite the process.

Advising on Aspects of the Entertainment Business

Entertainment attorneys also serve as advisers in ancillary matters, such as child labor laws if a child actor is involved in a project, and the benefits and drawbacks of being paid as a studio employee or independent contractor.

They could also discuss the merits of union, guild, and other association participation. For instance, The Screen Actors Guild (SAG-AFTRA) represents 160,000 actors, dancers, recording artists, stunt performers, voiceover artists, and other creative professionals.

Clients requiring the services of an entertainment lawyer should look for one who can assume many roles. A skilled Palm Beach Gardens entertainment lawyer is also an intellectual property, contracts, internet/cyber law, and corporate lawyer, as well as a negotiator and litigator, a career adviser, and a believer that the creative arts enhance society.

Keeping it Confidential

A credible entertainment attorney understands that celebrity and early-career clients may wish to keep contract negotiations and terms confidential. Lomnitzer Law respects our clients’ right to privacy during the course of our business relationship and will put the client’s needs first in any business dealings and negotiations.

Talk to a Palm Beach Gardens Entertainment Attorney About Building Your Career

If your career path finds you in the entertainment industry, you probably look forward to many exciting projects that will showcase your creative talents. Whether you are a performer, athlete, writer, or work on the business side of the industry, it is critical that you understand all documents that come your way.

You need legal support if you wish to be successful, which includes fair contracts, IP registration, and various business protections. The Lomnitzer Law team offers the legal services you need to enhance your career. Schedule a consultation today with a Palm Beach gardens entertainment lawyer.