All individuals and entities in the business and entertainment industries must now have a substantial online presence if they wish to maximize their potential. Having an internet presence allows you to not only distribute your work to customers but also lets the public know about upcoming events, performances, and other opportunities. Unfortunately, the greater your online presence is, the greater the chance for cyberattacks, IP violations, and other privacy breaches. These incidents could leave you with substantial financial losses and even threaten your ownership of intellectual property.

Talking with an experienced Boca Raton cyber and internet law attorney could help you to evaluate your risk and take appropriate legal action in the event of an internet-related crime or violation. Our dedicated IP attorneys help businesses, brand ambassadors, influencers, and others to protect their presence online and demand that violators provide fair compensation for the damage that they cause.

Examples of Cyber Attacks and Possible Legal Remedies

Federal and state laws have consistently held that the data on a personal or company computer is the property of that computer’s owner. In addition, the owners of these computers have the sole authority to access that data. However, with so many computers and cell phones networked to the internet, it can be easy for another person to access, manipulate, or sell this essential data.

Simply accessing a computer without permission is a federal offense. Other common examples of cybercrimes include:

  • Accessing a computer in an attempt to steal data
  • Introducing a code, worm, or virus into another computer that results in damage
  • Initiating denial of service attacks, also known as DDOS

18 United States Code § 1030(g) is one example of a federal law that allows the victims of cyberattacks to demand compensation from those who illegally access their information. This law states that a party can demand economic damages and an immediate cease to all illegal activities that stem from this behavior. A cyber and internet law attorney in Boca Raton is prepared to aggressively fight for their clients in recovering compensation for losses related to cyber-attacks or data breaches.

Protecting the Intellectual Property of Parties Doing Business Online

A common concern that individuals and businesses have is the protection of their intellectual property that they display online. The law is iron-clad in stating that the creators of content such as digital artwork and sound files are the owners of this property, but your chosen methods of displaying that property could have a profound impact on future ownership and use.

For example, posting a picture on a social media site such as Facebook, Instagram, or Reddit allows those companies to reproduce those pictures as they see fit. In fact, each of these platforms have users sign a licensing agreement upon the creation of an account that speaks as to this exact concept. A Boca Raton internet law attorney can help resolve disputes that arise out of this essential concept.

They can also work with creators of media to protect their rights to this property. This often includes filing formal petitions with the United States Patent and Trademark Office to obtain registration rights in the form of copyright. This assistance may also include working with IT staff to ensure that all data posted on servers come with the proper IP disclaimers and pursuing lawsuits that allege copyright infringement.

Speak with a Boca Raton Cyber and Internet Law Attorney to Protect Your Online Rights

All parties with any sort of online presence need to understand the impact that the role of the internet will have on their property and business rights. You need to take appropriate steps to provide yourself with cyber security in the event of a possible breach. If these breaches do occur, our lawyers can take the lead in pursuing lawsuits that demand appropriate remedies.

These rights also apply to intellectual property that goes on the internet. A Boca Raton cyber and internet law attorney can help you properly register this material, and pursue infringement cases that demand a halt to theft and seek out fair payment. Reach out to Lomnitzer Law now to better understand your legal options.