At the Lomnitzer Law Firm, P.A., our Boca Raton sports lawyers counsel clients regarding all aspects of the business of sports. Our services range from negotiating and drafting contracts for individual athletes to drafting agreements with arenas and television networks, such as player/athlete and management issues, trainer and management agreements, television and radio broadcast agreements, sponsorship agreements, professional and minor league franchises, prospective owners and sponsors, intellectual property and internet issues, ticketing arrangements, concession deals, event agreements and suite licenses, and universities and corporate sponsors. In addition, our aggressive entertainment attorneys can represent athletes, players, owners, and franchises in litigation and related investigative and contractual matters.

At the Lomnitzer Law Firm, P.A, we also provide legal advice and representation to athletes and players who are considering signing endorsement deals or sports merchandising and licensing agreements. Although profitable opportunities are realized by endorsements and sponsorships, negotiating and structuring an endorsement contract can be complex, and can prove to be costly without the proper legal guidance. We will assist in your decisions to ensure that the endorsement, merchandising and licensing decisions will positively impact your future success. We will provide advice regarding the management and control of your name and image, as this is an important aspect of any athlete or player’s career.

The Lomnitzer Law Firm, P.A also focuses on assisting our clients in selecting and dealing with other needed professionals, including accountants, financial advisors, public relations firms, insurance agents, etc.; all with an assessment in providing comprehensive legal advice. We are an entertainment and sports law firm with years of experience negotiating contracts for entertainers and athletes across the nation and around the world.

What is Sports Law?

Sports law involves attorneys representing the legal interests of athletes, coaching staff, players, and teams in their business negotiations. When assisting a client in this area, an attorney should consider things like the amount of compensation, the terms of the compensation, how much attendance is at the training camp, the duties and obligations of an athlete, their salary and bonuses, and the right to renegotiate, among many other things. All these terms need to be negotiated by a lawyer prior to drafting a contract.

Attorneys must ensure athletes are not taken advantage of by the other parties they are negotiating with. They can also help maximize the monetization of their likeness, in everything from advertising to merchandising. The business terms can be more complicated than you might think, so sports figures in Boca Raton should have a lawyer by their side throughout the process.

Specific Issues Relating to Contracts in the Sporting World

Contracts play a surprisingly large role in the lives of athletes, team owners, and the owners of venues that provide sporting events. For athletes, they may seek out legal advice concerning the negotiation of a new contract to play for a specific team. They could also be looking for representation when working with a company to sponsor a product or make appearances at an event. Providing assistance during the negotiations of these contracts is one way in which a Boca Raton sports attorney aims to put their client in a prime position. They work with clients to understand their needs, explain the current legal situation, and press for clauses in contracts that best suit that person’s individual needs.

An attorney could also help other entities that play a role in sports. They can work with vendors who wish to secure contracts to supply food, merchandise, or other amenities to existing stadiums. They also assist broadcasters in obtaining the right to broadcast an event that may not already have television or radio deals. As is the case when representing athletes, a Boca Raton athlete lawyer recognizes the goals of clients and does everything within their power to make those goals a reality.

Standard Contracts and Endorsement Contracts

Standard player contracts are negotiated as part of the collective bargaining agreement between a professional sports league and its players association. Endorsement contracts let a company use a player’s name, likeness, and reputation to promote a service or a product.

Sports contract laws are important because they solidify the terms that were negotiated between the player and the team, and it protects the athlete. These contracts are paid out as a salary or as bonuses, but will also vary based on the sport, competition level, and the client’s experience.

When negotiating a sports contract for an athlete in Boca Raton, we use our extensive experience in this field to determine what they should get paid. If a client is offered more than they were asking for, it is also important to know when to stop negotiating and take a good deal.

Representing Clients During Breach of Contract Disputes

Even if a contract is already in place, an attorney could still provide effective help in the event of a dispute. Either party to a contract may allege that a breach has occurred that resulted in substantial economic losses. They may demand the payment of a penalty to cover these losses or ask a court to order the other party to perform their duties under the language of the contract.

Parties that believe that another has breached the terms of a sports-related contract should seek out the help of an attorney. At the same time, those facing allegations related the alleged breach of these agreements may also benefit from a lawyer’s help. A Boca Raton sports lawyer is prepared to defend the rights of clients during any contract dispute.

Assisting with Intellectual Property Issues

Athletes, teams, and media entities may also have substantial questions about their intellectual property rights. This can include one’s own image or likeness, trademarks on team merchandise, or even copyright concerning songs or written publications. In particular, the debate around Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) may leave someone confused as to what rights they actually have regarding that form of IP.

A Boca Raton sports attorney is prepared to take the steps necessary to protect a client’s intellectual property. This may involve submitting formal applications for registration with the relevant government agencies and pursuing litigation if another party uses a client’s IP without proper licensing permission.

Learn How a Boca Raton Sports Attorney Can Help

Every transaction that occurs in the sporting world involves the presence of contracts. This includes an athlete’s agreement to play for a specific team, the creation of media rights to broadcast an event, and even the ability to supply teams with equipment. When it comes to contractual matters, you may benefit from the assistance of a Boca Raton sports lawyer. We can press for better contractual terms, secure IP registration, or fight to protect your rights during any possible dispute.

For more information about our professional athlete representation, we invite you to contact us via phone or website form to discuss your specific interests in sports law and learn how we can be of assistance to you.