When you enter into any agreement, you need to be sure that it is fair, the terms are clearly outlined, and there are no loopholes or missing elements that could come back to hurt you later. Our knowledgeable sports law attorneys have you covered. We are highly experienced in drafting sports agreements in Boca Raton and could help anyone in the sports world who is looking to sign a contract.

Drafting Agreements With Arenas and Broadcasters

When drafting an agreement with a specific arena or stadium, it is important to consider what happens if the event is cancelled, what items or equipment the teams and athletes are allowed to bring, intellectual property and privacy rights, as well as broadcasting rights.

Among the things to consider when drafting an agreement with a TV or radio network is:

  • A list of services
  • Compensation
  • Royalties
  • Likeness rights
  • Rebroadcasting rights
  • Moral clauses
  • Termination and cancellation penalties

A Boca Raton attorney could assist with drafting all of these factors into a sports agreement and ensuring that it is fair for the person or entity they represent.

Drafting Agreements for University and Corporate Sponsors

A university sponsorship is one that pays for some or all the student athlete’s tuition and fees. Meanwhile, a corporate sponsorship is a marketing tactic in which a company pays to be associated with the league, athlete, or team. Corporate sponsorships often result in an athletic facility or the sporting event bearing the name of the business. In exchange for the advertising, a college athletic program can receive much-needed financial support. However, one downside is the sponsorship can be easily withdrawn in certain situations.

Interested parties should consult with a legal professional in Boca Raton so that all the terms of the agreements are clear and understood by everyone.

To find a potential corporate sponsor, an athlete or team can reach out to existing contacts or their local community, research corporations that offer sponsorships, or look for new companies in need of exposure to build brand awareness.

Trainer, Management, and Agency Contracts

Trainer and management contracts should identify what the responsibilities are of all parties involved, as well as the termination provisions, athletic training services, schedules, and the obligations of the athlete.

Agency contracts should include the duties and obligations of the athlete, the amount of compensation, rules on attendance at training camp and practice, and termination provisions in the event that somebody breaks the law.

Agents are usually compensated by what they bring to the athletes, while trainers are not. Trainers and agents in Boca Raton absolutely need an agreement because it sets forth their rights, obligations, and duties, so everyone is aware of what their job is.

Get Help From Us in Drafting Sports Agreements in Boca Raton

Whether you are securing broadcast rights for your games, finding a corporate sponsor, or confirming a management or agency contract, you want reassurance that you are doing it right. This agreement could have a significant impact on your career in athletics. For trusted advocacy in drafting sports agreements in Boca Raton, call Lomnitzer Law today and set up a consultation with a member of our team.