Making your mark in the music industry is always a difficult task. Even if you have an innovative new sound as an artist, songwriter, or producer, you may still struggle to get your creation out into the market. At the same time, you will need to remain aware of the intellectual property concerns that authoring and performing music will raise. It is understandable to be confused and frustrated with the legal hurdles involved in music production.

A West Palm music lawyer is available to provide proper legal guidance. As knowledgeable entertainment attorneys, we work with songwriters, producers, and artists to properly protect their legal rights concerning music. Our services include filing applications for copyright protections, negotiating and drafting performance contracts, and creating licensing deals that allow your work to reach the ears of the public.

Intellectual Property Concerns when Creating Music

Any piece of original music that a person or band creates has intellectual property implications. The mere act of putting notes on a sheet of paper or making a recording does not guarantee you legal protection for that work, since proper protection of this property requires registration.

The United States Copyright Office is the department that handles the registration of original works of art nationwide, including lyrics, musical scores, and final compositions. The author of a work has the ability to register their ownership of that material, granting them the sole authority to perform or reproduce this work and letting others know that their exhibition of the work without approval is a violation of the law. A West Palm music attorney could help writers and composers obtain the copyright protection that they need to prevent infringement.

Licensing and Performance Contracts

Holding intellectual property rights over a piece of music gives the owner the sole ability to perform that work in front of others or to sell copies of that work to the public. However, on its own, this ability can be limiting. For music to reach a wider audience, it is often necessary to create licensing or distribution agreements that allow third parties to play a track or sell copies in their stores.

Negotiating and drafting these agreements is another way in which a West Palm music law attorney may be able to help. They could then serve as an advocate for an artist or producer in talks with concert venues, online streaming platforms, and traditional distributors. Common legal topics to address in these talks include:

  • Royalty payments
  • Advertising rights
  • Public appearances for artists
  • Length of the agreement
  • Residual payments
  • Merchandising
  • Joining or switching music labels

Talking with a music lawyer as soon as possible will allow them to assemble all the necessary information and strategy points to create a licensing or sale agreement that best serves a music creator’s interests.

Speak with a West Palm Music Attorney to Protect Your Creation

Performing a new piece of music or authoring new lyrics is an exciting step in your career and you are likely thinking about the best way to present it to the public. However, it is essential to understand your legal obligations to protect your creative authority. The only way to truly protect your creation is to register that piece for copyright protection. This not only prevents others from improperly performing or playing your music, but it also grants you the sole ability to authorize others to do so through sale or licensing agreements.

A West Palm music lawyer knows what you need to do to secure your hard-earned intellectual property. From registering music for copyright protection, to negotiating and drafting distribution agreements, Lomnitzer Law is ready to assist artists, writers, and producers to expand their presence safely and productively in the musical world. Contact us now to schedule your consultation.