As an intellectual property law firm, our team at The Lomnitzer Law Firm, P.A. created the Copyright in Cyberspace Scholarship because we firmly believe that artists possess the right to freely express themselves. Each year, we invite students to discuss the fairness of major content-sharing platforms and how the digital age has impacted the rules and regulations of copyright. We proudly award our winners with $1,000 to help contribute toward their educational endeavors. Below are our past scholarship winners:

2023 Winner: Bridgette Pulliam

Biography: My name is Bridgette Pulliam and I live in Daytona Beach, FL. I was born in Iruekpen, Nigeria but grew up in Minnesota – quite the contrast! My family and I moved to Central Florida where I finished high school. I studied music technology in undergrad where I also met the love of my life, Alven Pulliam. I attended graduate school (NYU), earned my MA in Music Business and moved back to Florida where I worked as a music educator for a number of years. I am now a Professor of Practice in Commercial Music & Recording Arts at my undergraduate alma mater, Bethune-Cookman University. I recently received a Masters of Education in Educational Technology and Instructional Design from Western Governors University.

Reaction Statement: “I am elated to have been awarded the 2023 Lomnitzer Law Copyright in Cyberspace Scholarship! It is an unexpected yet welcome blessing. I appreciate this recognition and the work this firm does to protect intellectual property rights. It is my hope that in a world where artificial intelligence blurs the lines of authenticity that ingenuity continues to reign supreme. Many thanks to the committee and applicable parties who deemed my entry worthy. God bless!”

2022 Winner: Christopher Wilkinson

Biography: My name is Christopher Wilkinson and I have lived in eastern South Dakota my whole life. Born in Aberdeen, raised in Watertown, and graduated in Brandon, I have moved around what feels like such a small place several times. Despite it all, I have focused on my studies and my future. I have enrolled into South Dakota School of Mines & Technology for chemical engineering and plan to attain a Master’s degree in 5 years. With enough perseverance, anything is possible.

Reaction Statement: “I am thrilled and incredibly grateful to have been awarded the 2022 Lomnitzer Law Copyright in the Cyberspace Scholarship. This recognition means the world to me and will have a significant impact on my educational journey. I am truly honored to be chosen as a recipient and I promise to make the most of this opportunity, using the funds wisely to further my studies and pursue my goals with renewed determination. Thank you to the scholarship committee for believing in my potential and for supporting my academic endeavors.”