Case Studies

Helped Startup Record Companies

Helped numerous startup record companies to incorporate, sign their first artists, start publishing companies, and protect their intellectual property.

Defeated the Communications Decency Act Section 230

Lomnitzer Law Firm Defeats The Communications Decency Act (CDA) Defense against a review website

Secured Music Licensing for Non-Profit

Secured the proper licensing for a non-profit animal rescue to use a popular 2× Platinum rock song for their promotional video.

Assisted Business to Remove Negative Content from Online Listings

Assisted a local small business to quickly remove negative content from Google, Bing, and Yahoo search results.

Favorable Summary Judgment for Wrongful Defamation Action

Obtained favorable summary judgment, and resulting prevailing party attorneys’ fee award, for our client who was wrongfully being sued as a defendant in a defamation action in state court.

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