When you have developed something new that can be used and commercialized by others, ensure your intellectual property receives the legal protection it is owed. At Lomnitzer Law, our Fort Lauderdale patent lawyers use our knowledge of IP protections to help you get the credit for your invention, as well as any financial benefit that follows.

There are many ways we can help, such as performing a patent search, preparing and filing a patent application, drafting licensing agreements, responding to government actions, enforcing patent rights, and defending against patent infringement claims.

Local Patent Laws

A few different Florida laws clarify the rules regarding patents in this state. Florida Statute § 688.002 covers trade secrets and protects patent holders when they come up with new designs, processes, formulas, and other confidential information. Statute § 542.335 covers non-compete agreements, which can protect patent holders’ trade secrets from being obtained by competitors when one of their employees leaves for a rival company.

Furthermore, Statute § 501.211 governs unfair or deceptive trade practices. This includes protections for patent holders against competitors who make false or misleading claims pertaining to their own products or services. An experienced Fort Lauderdale patent lawyer could advise on how any – or all – of these laws affects a person or business looking to protect their work.

Reasons to Hire a Patent Lawyer

There are many situations that could merit hiring an experienced Fort Lauderdale patent lawyer. These reasons include creating a unique and useful invention, developing a new product or technology, getting a cease-and-desist letter from somebody claiming patent infringement, wanting to license an invention, or wanting to sue someone for patent infringement. Legal counsel could help with all those situations – and more.

Whether the intellectual property is preexistent or new, it deserves protection. A lawyer could monitor relevant forums for instances of patent infringement, send cease-and-desist letters, draft and file a patent application, create a licensing agreement, and reply to notices or actions from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). With so many aspects to consider, it is best to have a professional who focuses exclusively on these matters.

For a client who wishes to protect their invention, an experienced Fort Lauderdale patent lawyer could search patent records and ensure no one else has obtained a patent for something similar. When it is time to file the patent application, there is a tremendous amount of complex and detailed documentation involved – that alone is a reason to retain the services of a patent attorney.

When someone infringes on a client’s patent, a Fort Lauderdale lawyer could write a cease-and-desist letter and try to resolve the situation that way. If necessary, they can file a civil case in federal court to enforce a patent on behalf of their client. The USPTO only reviews and issues patents – it is not responsible for their enforcement.

Similarly, if a person is accused of patent infringement, a lawyer could mount a defense on their behalf.

Contact a Fort Lauderdale Patent Attorney and Learn More

Lomnitzer Law wants to help those who are trying to convert their unique ideas into something that can be used by others. You have created something of value and it deserves protection. Ensure it gets the very best protection by obtaining the services of a Fort Lauderdale patent lawyer.

Whether your idea was infringed upon, or you have been accused of taking someone else’s idea, you need someone with experience in this field. Contact our team today for a free consultation. Too much is at stake to risk handling things on your own.