Filing a Civil Litigation Lawsuit

Civil litigation is the process in which non-criminal matters are resolved in a court of law. Civil matters can be described as situations dealing with relationships between people, such as a marriage, or contracts, such as tenant/landlord disputes, or businesses, such as copyright or trademark disputes.

Most civil cases begin with some sort of a breach of contract. This can include a failure to make a payment, failure to acknowledge a right, etc…

While most cases are resolved by out-of-court settlement, mediation or arbitration, some civil cases do go all the way to trial. With proper guidance and representation, those involved in a civil matter can prudently explore all avenues of negotiation before embarking on a path towards a time consuming and costly litigation.

We believe that it is important to find a civil litigation attorney with strong mitigation skills. Mitigation can be any attempt to resolve the issue outside of court such as offering payment plans or other settlement attempts. While mitigation does not always work, it is in your favor to show that attempts were made before taking the case to court.

Your civil litigation attorney should be depended upon to guide you from initial contact through all phases of the legal process up to and including negotiations and a full trial, if necessary.

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