Why Hire an Entertainment Attorney

The entertainment industry is a highly contractual business surrounded by lots of legal terms and conditions. While entertainers are working on their craft, it is integral that he or she have proper legal representation, not only at the onset of a career but throughout all business dealings.

When navigating through agreements, business relationships, intellectual property, and revenue sharing, the representation of an entertainment attorney can make or break an entertainer’s bottom line results.

What is the Role of an Entertainment Attorney?

Lawyers representing entertainers will perform a multitude of services including but not limited to reviewing contracts, negotiating deals, and pursuing legal disputes through settlement or court.

When Should You Hire an Entertainment Attorney?

This answer is easy. You should certainly have an entertainment attorney present prior to signing any contract. We also feel strongly that you should be represented prior to sharing any intellectual property (copyrights, trademarks, etc…).

Entertainment Negotiations

Your entertainment lawyer spends much time focused on drafting and negotiating deals, including management contracts and industry specific arrangements, with a constant awareness on the legal terms and ramifications of any particular deal. A talented and dedicated entertainment lawyer can often be a one-stop solution for a new entertainer. Until the career is up and running, an enertainment attorney can eliminate the need for other service providers such as the business manager, accountant, agent, and more.

Entertainment Litigation

The entertainment lawyer’s focus is the legal aspect of all endeavors. When potential legal issues arise, the attorney will attempt to resolve such issues firts through mediation, then arbitration, and if neither has worked successfully, through a full court litigation.

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