Three Benefits of Hiring a Copyright Attorney

So you created a wonderful new piece of intellectual property such as:

  • Music
  • Literature
  • A Movie or Play
  • Choreography
  • A Photograph
  • Sculptures
  • A Website
  • Or any other unique work or design

Now what do you do?

How do you protect yourself and your work from monetary or personal loss?

You will need to explore the legal protection known as copyrighting. A copyright attorney can be extremely helpful. The legal advice and guidance you will receive will not only provide proper credit to the responsible party, but it will serve as the foundation for protected business ventures. Below we outline the main three benefits of hiring a copyright lawyer:

  • Copyright Registration. A copyright attorney will successfully complete your copyright registration. With a knowledgeable attorney, there will be no time delays, no oversights and no mistakes. Your work will undoubtedly be properly protected by a qualified professional.
  • Copyright Renewals. Copyright renewals will not go unnoticed. As you progress in your business or endeavors, your plate will become increasing full. Your copyright attorney will always keep a watchful line on renewals and expirations. Also, as you continue to progress, guess who is going to need a knowledgeable business lawyer for guidance, advice, and representation? Yes, you!
  • Copyright Protection. When a properly filed copyright is violated, it is still the responsibility of the registrant to seek a resolution or legal judgement. An experienced copyright attorney will properly represent your best interests for a expedited remedy to the violation.

The Lomnitzer Law Firm, P.A., located in Boca Raton, FL, will consult to review your needs and guide you based on experience and knowledge of the law. Contact us for more information regarding copyright registration, how to protect your intellectual property via copyright, or copyright infringement cases.